The Fountain

I hope you brought a change of clothes – preferably a youth size. We’re going into the fountain.

Twister Sister Lit Mag recently published “The Fountain”, a short story that I wrote in November of 2016. If you teach American History long enough, you’ll also start to find some interesting footnotes that the textbook never visits in a totally satisfying way.

“The Fountain” blends elements of historical fiction with fantasy (with maybe just a touch of the supernatural), although I do employ plenty of creative license. I didn’t want to use any actual historical figures – somehow throwing Juan Ponce de Leon into the middle of this story took away from the fantasy aspect.

That said, I do find the subject matter to be one of the more interesting tales from America in the 16th century – and that’s really saying something considering all the bizarre occurances in the Western Hemisphere during that century.

Click the image below to be taken to Twister Sister Lit Mag and experience “The Fountain” for yourself:

The Fountain.jpg

An Eon-old, Icy Tomb

At some point in the near future, mankind will land on Pluto – but what if we aren’t the first sentient visitors?

A mysterious spacecraft is discovered partially buried on the surface of Pluto in “An Eon-old, Icy Tomb” – my most recent science fiction piece to be published. Inspiration for this particular story came from photographs taken by the New Horizons probe. Pluto offers some absolutely breathtaking landscapes, shaped by both slowly unfolding geological events and violent outburst that can occur quiet suddenly.

The real backbone of the story concerns the primary characters attempting to flee from an erupting cryovolcano – no easy task. Most of the action occurs near the Wright Mons, which is the geological feature that drives the action. The origin of the ancient spacecraft owes to an eon-old curiosity of my own.

Pale Ghosts Magazine published “An Eon-old, Icy Tomb” in November of 2016.

Click on the image below to be taken to “An Eon-old, Icy Tomb” somewhere among the chaos terrain and wastelands of Pluto.