The Indigo Skies on Proxima b

A future day dawns over human settlers on Proxima Centauri b.

Indigo skies swirl beyond the Melanippe Montes
Juxtaposed with a ruddy glow – twilight is appearing
A tangerine ember on the horizon haunts
Dying obsidian shadows – Proxima is dawning

Marigold beams leap over the vast Ocyrhoe Mare
Soothing the ancient basalt lee – the Sisters are dancing
Gathering warmth generates wind for all to share
Ice breaks on the Chariclo Sea – b is quickly rousing

Oily, ebony foliage responds to morning
Leaves twist and contort rapidly – human engineering
An early riser is leery of star flaring
Handles tungsten covers wisely – radiation shielding

Tedious tasks are performed in a constant gloom
Proxima wanders the heavens – the Sisters are watching
Each sibling shines a route through the dark, endless tomb
Where both light and time are woven – four years in the making

Joshua Scully writes speculative fiction and can be found @jojascully.