#SciFiFri and #SciFiSat

Check out my #ScifiFri and #ScifiSat prompt responses from Twitter!

Every Friday and Saturday, SciFiFri (found on Twitter @SciFiPrompt) offers up an opportunity for fans of science fiction to share their most intriguing ideas (generally confined to just 280 characters or less).

SciFiFri provides a theme for Friday (#SciFiFri), encouraging those participating to somehow include or reference this theme (although you don’t absolutely need to do this). Of course, part of the challenge is tailoring your particular idea to suit the theme or creating a new concept from scratch based around the theme.

Saturday (#SciFiSat) is open and you can really see genuine creativity pour out of those participating. Some of the ideas and concepts I’ve read through #SciFiFri and #SciFiSat are amazing! I’m sure that every weekend I see at least one or two that could make for a great anthology television show episode or film. The possibilities truly have no limits on either day, which is really my favorite feature of the science fiction genre. 

When I first joined Twitter several years ago, one of the first true fascinations I had through that platform was “twitterfiction“. My schedule can be absolutely crazy during the school year (especially during basketball season), so Twitter provided a means for me to read and enjoy “very short fiction” whenever I had a free moment. #SciFiFri and #SciFiSat really present some of the most unique and wonderful twitterfiction pieces you’ll find. 

I wanted to share a few of my own from the last two weekends:

“Your neighbor?”
“That old woman?”
“She built a time machine?”
“That’s why you need to rob the Medicine Shoppe?”
“The machine uses cough syrup as fuel. She needs a case.”
“And you want me to be the getaway driver?”
“Or you can use the shotgun.”

Washington was dying, but that didn’t stop his doctors from administering a grueling regiment of bloodletting and archaic medicines.
The scene was chaotic, with servants and family rushing to meet the doctors’ demands.
No one paid Martha any mind.
Or her voodoo doll.

He woke up in a cheap motel room outside Medicine Hat and had no recollection of coming to Canada. 
There was a large crucifix tied around his neck and braids of garlic were scattered around the room.
A single ticket for the next train to Calgary was in his pocket.

He pulled his wife into the next room.
“What do you think you’re doing bringing a witch doctor into our home?”
“He’s a ‘medicine man’,” she growled.
“Whatever! What are you thinking?”
“Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find an exorcist on a Friday night?!”

The bull made a final pass, and the matador bowed before the crowd. He revealed a sword and waved his cape. 
Turning to the bull, a rush of terror ripped through him. 
The bull had reared up and fumbled a revolver between two hooves.
“Never again,” the bull mooed. 

The astronauts rushed from the crash into a swamp. Flora and murky water obstructed their view of the apex predator – a massive frog.
Mylar proved a poor excuse for armour, not that any material was suited for the whipping tongues and sticky saliva encountered.
#Vss365 #SciFiSat
The creatures described their origin to mankind. Developing intelligence during the Cretaceous, these dinosaur descendants escaped Earth for a distant world prior to Chicxulub.
“Why have you returned?”
The beasts were stunned.
“Have you not resurrected our brethren?”

You may notice the “#vss” tag – more about that later!