Mystery Blogger Award!

Mystery blogger award! I definitely want to thank Mercury the Scribe for nominating me. I really appreciate all of the feedback given (and the time invested in reading), especially when I’m really trying to get back into writing on a regular basis (and the encouragement helps a great deal). 


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Three things about me!

I work part-time as a public address announcer for a nearby high school and local satellite campus. I’m not sure how many people that I know actually recognize my voice (usually I’m in the press box or otherwise hidden from view) and realize that I work in this capacity. 

I love Byzantine history. That’s absolutely my favorite subject. 

I’m a relentlessly devoted Third Eye Blind fan. 

My Most Liked Post: “Hot Aliens


Questions From Mercury the Scribe:

What scares you the most?

I actually have a fairly significant fear of spiders, although that’s waned somewhat (thankfully). I really struggle with providing blood (for tests, etc.), and I also experience extreme paranoia about oversleeping. 

Do you believe in ghosts or the paranormal?

I love a good ghost story and enjoy reading on the subject. I’ve also had a chance to visit several historic places famed for their hauntings. Several of my family members are big believers, but I’ve never had the personal experience to make me a believer in the same way. However, I’m very fascinated by the topic.

What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you?

I once was (accidentally) doused in sour milk as a seven-year-old (in front of my entire second-grade class). 

If you knew you would get away with it, would you kill someone?

Karma seems to dominate my life in one way or another, so, even when successfully acting in secret, I really try to only create good karma for myself (can’t ever seem to create enough though).

What’s your current favorite post that you’ve written? 😀 Please share and add what makes it special to you.

I’ve always enjoyed architecture and cityscapes, so, whenever I discovered that Wikipedia has several pages devoted to the tallest buildings of various cities around the world, I set out to make a similar page for my hometown. Unfortunately, Wikipedia decided that my hometown wasn’t quite good enough for such a page and (despite my arguments and pleas) deleted the page. I tried my best to recreate that page on this blog – Tallest Buildings of Uniontown, Pennsylvania. I took all of the included photographs myself. So, while not especially glamorous or the most impressive piece of writing, this was definitely a topic that I both cared about and wanted to share. I’ve forgiven Wikipedia.


My Questions for my Future Nominees:

  1. Who is your favorite author?
  2. Time or money? You can have an unlimited supply of one or the other.
  3. How do you find or make time to write (or pursue any similar interest)?
  4. Zombie apocalypse (refuge with friends) or stranded on a desert island (alone) – which would you prefer and/or be more likely to survive?
  5. What’s on your pizza?

Author: joshuajscully

That’s my picture up there. I’m not totally sure why I look so angry. I may be thinking about how much I hated the Crypt Keeper as a child. I grew up faithfully watching reruns of The Twilight Zone and Tales from the Crypt. Unfortunately, I missed the boat in terms of writing for either of those programs. I do consider both to have been wildly influential when I think back to my earliest thoughts about becoming an author and I’m grateful my parents let me watch those shows as a kid (although there were probably some nights early in my childhood my mother wished she hadn’t let me watch those shows). If you’re familiar with either program, then you know what genres are my focus. I thoroughly enjoy science fiction, suspense, the twist ending, and some horror or supernatural elements as well. Honestly, when I was a kid the Crypt Keeper scared the hell out of me. As an adult, I’ve really learned to embrace the puns. Historical fiction is a favorite of mine as well, and the root of that is shared with my profession. I am an educator by trade, and I teach American History. I consider some of the best writing I’ve ever done to be within the realm of historical fiction and I really enjoy saturating my mind in the research end of those projects. I would make the argument that storytelling is in my blood. Even my sister mulled, very briefly (about 45 minutes), launching a career as a screenwriter! My last name is one of those Irish (and, apparently, formally Manx) ones with a wonderfully researched history -“the story-teller’s descendant”. On of the first day of school each year, I do share that “my name is Mr. Scully, and that rhymes with Kelly”, just so I do not hear the myriad of mispronunciations on the first day. Several years ago, I started a blog similar to this one to highlight my middle years as a teacher. If that aspect of my life is of any interest to you at all, you can still find that blog online. During my summers, I really have time to pursue my writing projects and this blog will highlight some of that work. My first attempts to sit down and write extensively occurred when I was 15, but only a few years ago did I make setting time aside to write a priority. I’ve also benefited wildly over the years from many willing readers among my family and friends. The direction and feedback from those individuals has been invaluable. Outside the world of the written word, I am an educator, basketball coach, lecturer, and (very, very occasionally) a landscaper. I have only ever known Western Pennsylvania as my home. Although I love a good novel, I am absolutely unable to resist the power of the short story. The latter is really what I hope to be remembered for one day.

8 thoughts on “Mystery Blogger Award!”

  1. Omg we’re both afraid of spider and bloodtests!!! XD I freakin hate blood tests e.e had a bad experience once. And im extremely phobic of spiders.

    You did the post right! It was fun to read 🙂 I tried to get to the tallest buildings post but for some reason it wont let me.

    Also glad I could be a source of encouragment for a fellow writer. I dont think we have enough of it. I know I didnt when I first started. I even changed my career path because people told me being a writer wasnt a real job or would get me anywhere :/

    Great post! I feel like I have more to say but I dont want to prattle on haha
    Hope you had fun doing this!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m not sure how I messed the link up to the list of buildings (anything is possible with me technologically speaking) but I managed to fix it and it’s working now.

      Thanks! I definitely enjoyed and also forced myself to do some thinking. I really appreciate you including me and giving me the chance to do that. Writing is definitely rewarding beyond the monetary value – that’s my experience at least.

      And blood tests – yikes. I had to be strapped to the chair once so a nurse could draw blood. I just couldn’t hold still!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yay! I’ll check it out 😀

        The things that we are passionate about are definitely being monetary value. I feel like a lot of people may write for the wrong reasons. <y coworker asked me how many YT subscribers I have and when I said 23 he acted like I should care that it was so little but it isn't why i started doing it or continue to do it.

        Being able to share our art is a beautiful thing so I ope so good comes from the award and people check you out and see how cool your writing is 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’ve wondered the same thing too – and you hear some authors say how they’ve worked years and years on certain novels. That’s incredible to me. The focus and devotion to one story – amazing.

        Liked by 1 person

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