“The Ice Gods”

The omnipotent Ice Gods of this frozen world want a sacrifice.

Battling against blowing ice and snow, Maclin and Jones labored toward the summit of an immense cryovolcano. Each astronaut was agonizingly aware that oxygen reserves were low.  Continue reading ““The Ice Gods””

“Zombie Ship”

Check out this genuine B movie schlock that blends horror, historical fiction, and a touch of science fiction into one ghastly adventure.

Although a painstakingly slow return to the surface was necessary after such a deep dive, the final phase of this recovery for William Benson and James Martin was cut short. Always cantankerous and unpredictable, Lake Superior had settled into restlessness under a twisting indigo sky. The potential ramifications of the clandestine and illegal visit to the wreckage of Edmund Fitzgerald also motivated those present to encourage brevity. Continue reading ““Zombie Ship””

“An Express Vanishing”

“Over two hundred people including passengers and crew were on that train.”

“The Ohio Flyer left Indianapolis running an express schedule eastward but never got to Cincinnati. This isn’t a matter of a derailment. There’s no heap of burning Pullmans or collapsed trestle to find.”
Continue reading ““An Express Vanishing””

“Voodoo at Mount Vernon”

Mount Vernon was soaked in dismay, exposing all to heartache.

Washington was dying, but that didn’t stop his doctors from administering a gruesome regiment of bloodletting and archaic medicines.  Continue reading ““Voodoo at Mount Vernon””