“Between Life and Death”

Only the most foolish believe that our world will remain unchanged.

Before a new barrier between this life and the next is constructed, the current partition must be dismantled. This is a complex and delicate matter, with a certain amount of collateral damage expected.

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“Last Stand”

Surviving humans prepare for a last stand outside Blantyre.

A smattering of U.N. peacekeepers joined a surviving contingent of the Malawian army and a few wily locals in burning shrubland and broadleafs around Blantyre.

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“Sleeping at the Rum Cherry Motel” Revisited

Todd McHugh has murdered his wife and is hoping to seek refuge in Mexico.

Sleeping at the Rum Cherry Motel” was one of the first flash fiction pieces that I ever sent out for publication, and I was fortunate enough to have Twisted Sister Lit Mag publish this 2016 product (2016 was a very productive year for me). Continue reading ““Sleeping at the Rum Cherry Motel” Revisited”