“Eager for Life”

When we want to live, we need to live.
We need each other.
Just not in the same ways.

As survivors struggled, few realized that mankind was on the cusp of extinction.

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“The New Groundskeeper”

An eye for opportunity is invaluable regardless of your trade.

Few in the small community questioned the reclusive scientist when he applied for the groundskeeper position at the cemetery.

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“Thrasyllus Economides: Insurance Salesman”

He’s got an ear to the ground and an eye for business.

Between volcanic grumblings, Thrasyllus Economides thriftily sold flood insurance to his neighbors.

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“In Loco Parentis”

Spare the planchette and spoil the child.

“Where are your parents?”

“My Mom and Dad went to check something in the attic a few days ago and never came back down.”

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“An Extraterrestrial Swamp”

A sticky situation awaits survivors of a crash landing.

The astronauts rushed from the crash into a swamp. Flora and murky water obstructed their view of the apex predator — a massive frog.

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“Lies My Teacher (Purposefully) Told Me”

And will tell again.

“What page does the Industrial Revolution start on?” a student asked.

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