“Zombie Apocalypse Improvisations”

Surviving however possible.

The railroad depot was ramshackle to say the least, but the building possessed some necessary provisions.

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“Tyrannosaurs and Carburetors”

Not the best pairing.

Snowflakes fluttered as he turned the key to the time machine. The hum of the engine was lost in the roar of an approaching Tyrannosaur.

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“He’s No Frank Lloyd Wright”

Aspiration to damnation.

When the poor architect proved unable to pay his debt for the creative abilities granted to him, the warlock became furious.

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“Beyond the Call” (VSS XXVI)

A collection of short fiction from my Twitter account (@jojascully)

He stepped back slowly.

The dryer had been eating socks.

Now, the dog was missing and there was a collar in the lint trap.

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“A New Kind of Lunar Colonist”

That escalated quickly.

The first cathedral on the Moon was constructed with great blocks of basalt.

The new colonists were pleased and gazed on Earth with wonder.

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