“The Vampire Hunter’s Apprentice VII”

“How well do you read Norse runes?”



“Holy water?”




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“Hot Air Balloon Ride from Hell”

I wrote this science fiction short story in the autumn of 2016. Radically different from my other work at that time, I had this piece published under the name of a friend. Twisted Sister Lit Mag, an online magazine, was the original publisher. This post consists of a slightly reworked and updated “Hot Air Balloon Ride from Hell”.

I definitely had too much fun writing this one.

Savannah pulled her shirt over her head, and Gabe couldn’t help but stare as the two triangular Confederate battle flags of her bikini top Continue reading ““Hot Air Balloon Ride from Hell””

“A Chilling Discovery”

“I don’t believe these are natural,” he explained. “These appear to be of intelligent origin.”

The mission confirmed the existence of microbial life within a subsurface ocean on Enceladus, but a far more bizarre discovery was made inside an apparently dormant cryovolcano on the distant moon.

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“A Fine Place to Die”

Each man cupped his hands to drink, only noticing skeletons littering the grassy strand between the pond and tree after regaining their senses.

Lost in the desert, two surviving deserters spied an oasis. A single gnarled baobab dominated an island of green and blue in a sea of sand.

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“Terminator Line”

Facing certain death, the astronauts chuckled at their trivial fortune: the shuttle wreckage rested at the terminator line of the planet.

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“A Qianzhousaurus in the House”

“I may have just successfully built a time machine,” Owen stammered.

Susan was familiar with the defeated expression that often dominated the face of her husband, Owen, after an evening tinkering in the basement.

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“The Haunted Church”

What the pretend spirit didn’t know was that, as the result of an earlier round of truth or dare, the youths had graduated to arson.

The local teenagers played a lively version of hide and seek inside the abandoned church, eventually catching the attention of a former parishioner.

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