“Failed Snow Fort in Space”

An unknown fate. A cold death.

The settlement on OGLE-2005-BLG-390Lb was quite small but genuinely thrived for years.

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“Qianzhousaurus Feathers”

“Qianzhousaurus Feathers” originally appeared with Fictional Pairings in August of 2017.

Donald Barlow didn’t have any pots on his head or bands of aluminum foil wrapped around his arms.

That was a step in the right direction.

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“The Vampire Hunter’s Apprentice VI”

“What do you know about quantum mechanics?”







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“Dying for Dinosaurs”

“Dying for Dinosaurs” originally appeared with Evening Theatre (defunct publication) in August of 2018.

Paleontologist Alma Ojeda was a veteran of countless excavations in her native country. She had established herself quickly in her field when she helped to unearth the largest Argentinosaurus ever found while working on her doctorate at the University of Córdoba.

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“Exploring a Frozen World”

“Exploring a Frozen World” originally appeared with Evening Theatre (defunct publication) in April of 2018.

Freed from parachute material, restrictive connections, and the general confines of the lander, a roving probe hummed to life and rolled onto the frigid surface of a new world.

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