My New Desk

No more writing at the dining room table for me (although I’m farther from the refrigerator now)!

This desk has basically consumed my last two days, but I’m very excited to have a rolltop desk for my writing and research endeavors. I had previously commandeered the dining room table for such work.

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Jaws: The Board Game

Theme music not included!

I picked up Jaws: The Board Game yesterday. If you’re a fan of the novel or films, you’ll appreciate this game. Someone put a great deal of time into the design and elements. However, this one isn’t overly complex. You’ll find yourself launching barrels or eating tourists in no time!

Back from the Dead

This Venus flytrap has miraculously recovered from very poor health.

I had nearly lost hope for this Venus flytrap, as the plant seemed practically dead just a month ago. However, this specimen has conducted quite the miraculous comeback and presently appears mostly fine.

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Salisbury Viaduct

Several workmen died during the construction of this historic trestle.

This photograph shows the Salisbury Viaduct, formally a railroad trestle that now serves pedestrian traffic along the Great Allegheny Passage. The viaduct is just a few miles outside of Meyersdale, Pennsylvania.

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Country Church at Night

The Laurel Hill Presbyterian Church on an autumn evening.

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