“A New Life in Hermosillo”

He next set his mind on the business of destroying his automobile.

After throwing his bank cards and phone into the Santa Cruz River, he crossed the border at Nogales without incident. He drove for three and a half hours to Hermosillo with his remaining cash tucked into a back pocket.

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“Charleston to Charleston”

Terry tossed each garbage bag into the Kanawha River.

The drive from Charleston, South Carolina to Charleston, West Virginia took just over seven hours. Terry arrived in the capital of the Mountain State in the early hours of the morning.

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“Chillers Club”

Where imagination comes to life – for better or worse.

“I don’t think you understand the function of  Chillers Club,” the elderly doorman explained. “As an author, you are permitted entrance, but do you understand this place?”

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“Dead Corn”

He had a bad feeling where he may find those missing children.

The detective stood at the edge of the field. There was nothing to see except rows and rows of dead corn. A fine layer of snow had settled on the broken stalks.

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The exact reasons this man refused to remain buried were not understood.

Practically the entire village walked out to the graveyard to witness the burial.

Of course, most of these people were present the last time. Some were even graveside for the first attempt.

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“How to Die While Exploring Titan”

“Well, I’ll get cyanide capsules for everyone.”

The escape shuttle slowly sank into the Kraken Mare, the immense sea of liquid methane on Titan.

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“The Breathing and the Decaying”

There was no undoing this divine meshing of states.

The freight rolled through the countryside.

One very special container was destined to change Earth.

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“Grinding, Screaming, Splashing”

After traveling over 625 million kilometers to Europa, he did hope to eventually have the opportunity to step out onto the ice.

After the crew carefully removed the necessary equipment, Jackson remained inside the module. Only three were needed to operate the drill, allowing the biologist to prepare the module for any samples retrieved from the ice.

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