“Last Night in Maracaibo (Either Way)”

His eyes drifted from the street to her.

Maracaibo was as dark as the grave, and the irony was not lost on him.

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“Revolutionary Anachronisms”

I originally published this serial on Twitter a few years ago.
Test your knowledge of the War of Independence with these anachronistic retellings of American lore!

Benjamin Franklin set out with kite and key decades before the American Revolution and accidentally invented time travel.

Thus “Revolutionary Anachronisms“.

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“Zombie Apocalypse According to Matthew”

I had several short fiction pieces published with Seven By Twenty (which is sadly now defunct). This may be my favorite of my submissions to that publication.

“Cold War Turned Colder”

Frosty resolves create potentially chilly circumstances.

American forces occupied Vladivostok soon after the Cold War turned hot, but Soviets sabotaged stretches of the Trans-Siberian Railway.

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“Thrasyllus Economides: Insurance Salesman”

He’s got an ear to the ground and an eye for business.

Between volcanic grumblings, Thrasyllus Economides thriftily sold flood insurance to his neighbors.

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“Lies My Teacher (Purposefully) Told Me”

And will tell again.

“What page does the Industrial Revolution start on?” a student asked.

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