2018 Summer League Playoffs

That one time we played LeBron “Bronny” James Jr. in the summer league playoffs.

The A.J. McMullen School summer league basketball team poses with Lebron James Jr. of Fayette’s Finest following a playoff game in August of 2018. We did have one representative from Turkeyfoot Valley Area School District (Ava Hair, standing to my right in the photograph). Little Alex and his snacks also wandered into the frame!

Most Wins in a Season

A.J. McMullen School boys’ basketball team single season record for wins set during 2018/2019 season!

file-32 (3).jpeg

I love to write, but basketball is also a significant part of my life. I’ve served as the head coach for the A.J. McMullen School boys’ basketball team for six years and I’m proud to share that this season we set the school’s record for wins in a single season (15-7)! 

The End of Basketball Season

Basketball season has nearly come to an end!

Basketball season is nearly over for me. I haven’t really shared anything on this blog about my coaching (as I’ve tried to focus strictly on my writing), but basketball is definitely a significant part of my life. As much as I enjoy writing, I don’t have a great deal of time to do so during the season. Basketball season more or less runs from the very end of October to the end of April for me, once you include the regular season, tournaments, and development leagues. 

This season was especially memorable. The middle school team that I coach (which is also the middle school where I teach) finished the regular season with an overall record of 11 – 9. We had a record of 10 – 6 within our conference and finished the season with the Penn State Fayette Jamfest tournament in February. We had two players score over 130 points and our team averaged 35.6 points per game. 

I again served as President of the Mountain Area Basketball League, which serves children from Fayette and Somerset Counties, for a second season. The league enjoyed another year of success. 

I coached three developmental teams within the Turkeyfoot Youth Basketball league. The playoffs and championships for this league will be played Saturday, April 28th. Our teams finished 5 – 1 (boys), 4 – 2 (girls), and 6 – 1 (coed elementary). Videos and photographs from this league can be found online thanks to the Somerset Daily American

Our developmental teams often play as the “Mounties”, which was our former mascot (our entire district became the “Red Raiders” about twenty years ago). With “retro” looks coming back, George Fitzpatrick of Color Wear (a local printer that creates and produces a good part of our athletic gear) and I created the logo below to sort of help bring our own retro look back:


After Saturday, basketball season will be over for me until June. From June to July, we participate in a very brief summer season in Uniontown. My family is incredibly patient with me during the season, there is no question about that (and I greatly appreciate their patience). I’ll miss the game but I’ll will enjoy the time off.