“Tyrannosaurs and Carburetors”

Not the best pairing.

Snowflakes fluttered as he turned the key to the time machine. The hum of the engine was lost in the roar of an approaching Tyrannosaur.

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“The Unexpected” (VSS XX)

A collection of short fiction from my Twitter account (@jojascully).

The helium-3 operation on the Moon ran smoothly until fossilized materials started jamming the processor.


Human bones.

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“Dinosaur Desires”

This particular piece is also the most “liked” tweet in the illustrious (haha!) history of my Twitter account.

Tyrannosaurus wanted to be a writer, but his arms were too short.

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“Visitors from Far, Far Away” (VSS XVII)

Some very short fiction from my Twitter (@jojascully).

The visitors from far, far away wouldn’t lend the Amerindians a plasma cannon, but the strangers did help sharpen a few spears.

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