“Not Good” (VSS IX)

A set of very short fiction pieces that I originally wrote for Twitter.

The pestilence spread through rain, although the dynamics of this airborne contagion baffled speechless authorities.

The remarkable fatality rate spoke volumes.

The distressed and displaced flooded in Las Vegas, Phoenix, and San Diego, desperate to avoid the thunder.

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“Revolution” (VSS VIII)

A set of very short fiction pieces that I originally wrote for Twitter.

Mr. Forbes seemed off. He was filthy and seemed to have difficulty speaking. There was also a sour odor in his classroom.
He made a list on the board. 
Industrial Revolution.
Transportation Revolution.
Technology Revolution.
Undead Revolution.
The children screamed.

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“What Happened to the Dinosaurs (on Venus and Mars)”

The representatives of mankind shared uncertain glances.

The Celestial Creator appeared on Earth after eons of absence and asked about the knowledge of man.

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“The Breathing and the Decaying”

There was no undoing this divine meshing of states.

The freight rolled through the countryside.

One very special container was destined to change Earth.

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Appalachian Volcano

Folks continued to reminisce about Charleston for decades.

The 2011 Virginia earthquake.

The 2019 Ohio earthquake.

Countless rumbles and landslides.

All subtle indicators that an ancient volcano rested deep inside the sleepy Appalachian Mountains.

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