“Fools” (VSS V)

A set of very short fiction pieces that I originally wrote for Twitter.

“Listen, I need this insurance money, now will you help me or not?”

Brian looked at Rob and back at the car. The river beyond was dark and eerily silent.

“I’ve already reported the thing stolen. Please!”

Brian sighed and nodded just before several thuds emanated from the trunk.

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“Results May Very” (VSS II)

A set of very short fiction pieces that I originally wrote for Twitter.

Their teacher returned after much gossip and speculation.

He was alive. And somehow younger.

“What happened?” 

“Divorce and a sabbatical.”

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“Grinding, Screaming, Splashing”

After traveling over 625 million kilometers to Europa, he did hope to eventually have the opportunity to step out onto the ice.

After the crew carefully removed the necessary equipment, Jackson remained inside the module. Only three were needed to operate the drill, allowing the biologist to prepare the module for any samples retrieved from the ice.

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#SciFiFri and #SciFiSat Selections

Selections from my Twitter (@jojascully) for #SciFiFri and #SciFiSat!

“Good morning. You are present today to discuss a classified mission. You’ve heard rumors of a ‘black knight satellite’. These aren’t rumors.”


“This object appears to be Voyager 1 – Voyager 1 from some point in the future.”


“No. I wouldn’t say that.”

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Speculative 66: Issues 6, 7, and 8

Nine speculative fiction pieces from Speculative 66!

Speculative 66 is an online magazine featuring works of fiction that are exactly 66 words. I was fortunate enough to have a few pieces appear in this publication beginning in issue six and continuing until issue nineteen.  Continue reading “Speculative 66: Issues 6, 7, and 8”