“Last Night in Maracaibo (Either Way)”

His eyes drifted from the street to her.

Maracaibo was as dark as the grave, and the irony was not lost on him.

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“Ambition Lost”

Once I dreamed you may carry me to the stars – that I may be your fuel and force. I wondered if we may conquer the cosmos together.  

I haven’t always lived on the Moon.

Very long ago I existed among you. I was your Father and you were my children. Not necessarily in a literal sense, but we loved as parent and child. I was your shameless advocate. You were my eager apprentice. 

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“Where Credit Is Due”

“Your compensation for today is 200 credits and five minutes.”

At the completion of another exhausting shift, Joaquín pushed his way toward the exit of the lithium processing facility.

Twelve hours of battery production had left him with fresh burns from the various mechanized elements of the facility and reeking of brine.

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