“Dartball and Ghosts”

Can you have one without the other?

After a few beers, a jovial conversation focused mostly on dartball turned bizarre.

“I fought in the Battle of Trois-Rivières.”

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“Ghost Without a Haunt”

“We know you’re angry over your death.”

Inexplicable difficulties at the extraction facility had resulted in a tentative abandonment.

Human presence on Mercury would cease.

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“In Loco Parentis”

Spare the planchette and spoil the child.

“Where are your parents?”

“My Mom and Dad went to check something in the attic a few days ago and never came back down.”

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“Figurative Becomes Literal”

Has he got skeletons in his closet or just a skeleton in his closet?

After lashing out at his alarm clock, he could clearly see a skeleton through his open closet door.

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