Summer Editing

Summer allows for some editing, but are you ever really done editing?

Summer break allows an opportunity for me to edit some previous work. Hard to believe I haven’t touched this particular draft for nearly a year.

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“How to Die While Exploring Titan”

“Well, I’ll get cyanide capsules for everyone.”

The escape shuttle slowly sank into the Kraken Mare, the immense sea of liquid methane on Titan.

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“The Breathing and the Decaying”

There was no undoing this divine meshing of states.

The freight rolled through the countryside.

One very special container was destined to change Earth.

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“Grinding, Screaming, Splashing”

After traveling over 625 million kilometers to Europa, he did hope to eventually have the opportunity to step out onto the ice.

After the crew carefully removed the necessary equipment, Jackson remained inside the module. Only three were needed to operate the drill, allowing the biologist to prepare the module for any samples retrieved from the ice.

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Significant Post Coming This Week

I will be posting a new short story on this blog in just a few days!

Although Janice and I have enjoyed the first few days of summer break together, I’m pleased to announce that this week I will be putting the finishing touches on a short story to post on this blog (at over 5,000 words, this will be the longest work I’ve posted).

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#SciFiFri and #SciFiSat Selections

Selections from my Twitter (@jojascully) for #SciFiFri and #SciFiSat!

“Good morning. You are present today to discuss a classified mission. You’ve heard rumors of a ‘black knight satellite’. These aren’t rumors.”


“This object appears to be Voyager 1 – Voyager 1 from some point in the future.”


“No. I wouldn’t say that.”

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“Between Life and Death”

Only the most foolish believe that our world will remain unchanged.

Before a new barrier between this life and the next is constructed, the current partition must be dismantled. This is a complex and delicate matter, with a certain amount of collateral damage expected.

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“Last Stand”

Surviving humans prepare for a last stand outside Blantyre.

A smattering of U.N. peacekeepers joined a surviving contingent of the Malawian army and a few wily locals in burning shrubland and broadleafs around Blantyre.

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