“Foreshadowing” (VSS XV)

Some very short fiction that I originally wrote for Twitter!

The party of urban explorers pushed onward, despite the obvious signs of habitation inside the abandoned brickworks.

And the obvious signs of past violence.

The contents of one of the kilns were especially unsettling.

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“Grasping at Straws” (VSS XIII)

A set of very short fiction pieces that I originally wrote for Twitter.

“What was that?”

“The reactor is failing. One of us has to go inside. I don’t want to be stranded halfway to Proxima.”

“Why don’t you go?”

“I guess I should. Could I take the emergency firearm?”

The captain shook his head before speaking.

“I’ll go with you.”


“We can drive the Lunar Roving Vehicle left by Apollo 17 to reach the rendezvous point.”

“You know the batteries in that LRV were dead decades ago.”

“Let the children have some hope. We will probably be out of oxygen before we get to the LRV. Just let them hope.”


The flight recorder from the lost interstellar mission was recovered.


“The crew appeared to believe they’d somehow returned to Earth.”


“That remains to be determined, but you’ll hear what sounds to be my voice and your own communicating with them.”

“Revolution” (VSS VIII)

A set of very short fiction pieces that I originally wrote for Twitter.

Mr. Forbes seemed off. He was filthy and seemed to have difficulty speaking. There was also a sour odor in his classroom.
He made a list on the board. 
Industrial Revolution.
Transportation Revolution.
Technology Revolution.
Undead Revolution.
The children screamed.

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A Few (more) VSS

A few more of my 2018 very short fiction pieces!

I managed to find a few more of the very short fiction pieces I was fortunate enough to see published with Workshop in 2018!

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