“Lunar Lockdown”

A mysterious menace terrorizes the first major foray of mankind into space.

After two others disappeared into the basalt expanse beyond the habitation, the colony changed the previously established curfew into a lockdown.

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Clouds gathered over the abandoned complex, blocking the starlight that had provided some illumination. The rescue party was left to wonder about the fate of the colonists.

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“Death on Ceres”

Even a frosty resolve can’t save this rescue mission.

As icicles ripped through fiberglass and rubber, he remained surprisingly content.

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“The Gods of Proxima”

I posted this science fiction serial about the first manned mission to Proxima Centauri b to my Twitter account in January of 2017. Each entry was crafted around a different writing prompt from that particular day.


The fallout from the asteroid impact strained humanity.

Man set his gaze upon the stars.

A new home awaited him in space.

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