“Under the Bed” (VSS XXII)

A collection of short fiction from my Twitter account (@jojascully).

“Then what?” he asked.

“We wait,” she responded.

“What if the creature doesn’t come out?”

“We go under the bed after it.”

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“Not as Hoped” (VSS VI)

A set of very short fiction pieces that I originally wrote for Twitter.

He had been guaranteed a job with the railroad. Cleaning the cowcatchers of the locomotives after runs through farm country paid the bills.

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2018 Summer League Playoffs

That one time we played LeBron “Bronny” James Jr. in the summer league playoffs.

The A.J. McMullen School summer league basketball team poses with Lebron James Jr. of Fayette’s Finest following a playoff game in August of 2018. We did have one representative from Turkeyfoot Valley Area School District (Ava Hair, standing to my right in the photograph). Little Alex and his snacks also wandered into the frame!

Most Wins in a Season

A.J. McMullen School boys’ basketball team single season record for wins set during 2018/2019 season!

file-32 (3).jpeg

I love to write, but basketball is also a significant part of my life. I’ve served as the head coach for the A.J. McMullen School boys’ basketball team for six years and I’m proud to share that this season we set the school’s record for wins in a single season (15-7)!