“Death on Ceres”

Even a frosty resolve can’t save this rescue mission.

As icicles ripped through fiberglass and rubber, he remained surprisingly content.

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“Changing Times for Man and Monster”

An ancient terror longs for the good old days.

I miss the train.

I loved the anonymity of the train.

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“Unemployed Clowns”

The trouble with unemployed clowns is that some scurry through your backyard at night.
Or worse.

I really miss Seven By Twenty. The surprisingly lengthy archive of this former publisher of very short fiction is on Twitter (@7×20).

“Realizations” (VSS XXIX)

A collection of very short fiction from my Twitter (@jojascully).

“Then what?” he asked.

“We wait,” she responded.

“What if the creature doesn’t come out?”

“We go under the bed after it.”

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“Beasts” (VSS XXVII)

A collection of monstrous short fiction from my Twitter (@jojascully).

An ominous cloud drifting over the mountains became two.

Four billowy masses listed over the range before many noticed.

A few folks in the valley went missing.

Nothing serious.

That man ranting about the “atmospheric beasts from Jupiter” – he’s quite the character.

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