“A Secret in Harare”

All conspiracies unravel in time.

“You don’t understand — I need to get from Bulawayo to Harare as soon as possible. I need to be on the roof of the New Reserve Bank Tower before sunset.”

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65 million years allow for more than cloning.

“I didn’t leave Lubumbashi to chase shadows!” the hunter shouted. “Where is mokele-mbembe? Where is this Congolese dinosaur?”

“Don’t Touch the Time Machine”

Time travelers can’t risk losing their train of thought.

“Wait! The time machine is operational! Don’t touch that b—!”

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“Qianzhousaurus Feathers”

This flash fiction originally appeared in Fictional Pairings — August of 2017.

Donald Barlow didn’t have any pots on his head or bands of aluminum foil wrapped around his arms.

That was a step in the right direction.

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“A Qianzhousaurus in the House”

“I may have just successfully built a time machine,” Owen stammered.

Susan was familiar with the defeated expression that often dominated the face of her husband, Owen, after an evening tinkering in the basement.

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“The Vampire Hunter’s Apprentice VI”

“What do you know about quantum mechanics?”







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“Revolutionary Anachronisms”

I originally published this serial on Twitter a few years ago.
Test your knowledge of the War of Independence with these anachronistic retellings of American lore!

Benjamin Franklin set out with kite and key decades before the American Revolution and accidentally invented time travel.

Thus “Revolutionary Anachronisms“.

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“Tyrannosaurs and Carburetors”

Not the best pairing.

Snowflakes fluttered as he turned the key to the time machine. The hum of the engine was lost in the roar of an approaching Tyrannosaur.

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“The Big Fruit Stand on Calle Boquete”

This piece originally appeared with Workshop (defunct online journal of short fiction).

“There’s a big fruit stand on Calle Boquete in Panama City. Meet me there ten years from today, and I’ll give you back the key to the time machine. I’ve done this before and I know I take that long to win her back!”

“Ten years! How will I know it’s you?”

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