“Revolutionary Anachronisms”

I originally published this serial on Twitter a few years ago.
Test your knowledge of the War of Independence with these anachronistic retellings of American lore!

Benjamin Franklin set out with kite and key decades before the American Revolution and accidentally invented time travel.

Thus “Revolutionary Anachronisms“.

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“Tyrannosaurs and Carburetors”

Not the best pairing.

Snowflakes fluttered as he turned the key to the time machine. The hum of the engine was lost in the roar of an approaching Tyrannosaur.

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“The Big Fruit Stand on Calle Boquete”

This piece originally appeared with Workshop (defunct online journal of short fiction).

“There’s a big fruit stand on Calle Boquete in Panama City. Meet me there ten years from today, and I’ll give you back the key to the time machine. I’ve done this before and I know I take that long to win her back!”

“Ten years! How will I know it’s you?”

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“Don’t Ask” (VSS XIV)

A set of very short fiction pieces that I originally wrote for Twitter.

The cryogenics compartment was covered in cobwebs.

This allowed the rescue crew to confirm that the derelict had drifted through the cosmos for a very long time.

Life support systems remained active.

But where did all the spiders come from?

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“Common Mistakes” (VSS XI)

A set of very short fiction pieces that I originally wrote for Twitter.

Just days after a nuclear holocaust devastated the planet, one family experienced a new woe.

“Please tell me you didn’t build our bomb shelter on top of a Native American burial ground!”

“No! I would never build on sacred ground!”

A femur fell from the ceiling.

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