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With the school year starting, I haven’t had much time to post. However, I did want to share some more of my #twitterfiction. A few of the posts are tagged differently (#microprompt, #thepush, #zealouswriter, etc.) but remain examples of #twitterfiction as far as I am concerned. Generally, my posts could be categorized as science fiction, although a few may contain elements of dark comedy or horror. A few don’t fall into any single genre. 

There are plenty of additional examples posted on my Twitter – @jojascully. You can also find a few here. I try to post at least a handful each day. 

Let me know what you think! 

Rounding a curve, he noticed the other train fail to crest the final hill. The became much more terrifying.

Unexpectedly sent into the game to return a punt, he was elated until he noticed a burning wick sticking out of the laces.

He ordered the moat be filled with snapping . If he was going to face a siege, why not have some fun with it?

The new ski slope in was a success, sans the “” issue. The poor dears tended to wander in the way.

No matter how tight he made the stitches, this arm just didn’t look good. He grabbed his shovel and went to find another.

He lowered the phone just as a voice answered. She was still gurgling with life. He didn’t want help to arrive too soon.

Police cruisers shot through the cemetery gate with blue and red flashes. His career as a grave robber had been a brief one.

He stepped back slowly. The dryer had been eating socks. Now, the dog was missing and there was a collar in the lint trap.

From the ground, he could see the graveyard was alive. Birds. Rodents. Insects. All examples of life. He was no longer one.

She was upset when he built a . She was more upset when he brought back hatchlings for the kids.

An old man rushed back into the burning apartment to save his stamp collection and found himself in a sticky situation.

He never had so much cash in his wallet. Who needed two kidneys? One was fine. Now, where to first? The hospital or Macy’s?

First responders to the circus train wreck gained a new appreciation for the “death-defying” feats of the performers.

The car ride to the ocean had always been long, hot, and boring. Now that the world was drying up, this was even more true.

His release from the hospital occurred just before a zombie plague was introduced to the emergency room. Finally, a lucky break.

The Norse used animal fat in place of butter. Unfortunately, the “I Can’t Believe it’s not ” industry never took off.

Of course, no one knew he was a serial . But, brother, the folks at the lumberyard would be sorry they fired him.

! ! ! She cashed her first paycheck of the 21st century and planned to shop ’til she dropped!

Reaching the top of the cliffs, he strained his failing eyes to focus on the sea. He wished to see a spring tide one last time.

Charred survivors of the blaze were rushed to the hospital. The spread of the fire to that haven was an unwelcome development.


I’ve been alive for about 11,016 days, and for 11,006 of those days I had no idea “Twitter fiction” existed.

A good friend of mine introduced me to the idea of “flash fiction” a few weeks ago. Writing a good story with thousands of words can be a real challenge. However, writing a good story with only hundreds of words is just as strenuous. I’ve tried my hand at writing a handful of flash fiction pieces over the last few weeks and have done my best to keep each story at less than 1,000 words. The difficulty in doing so becomes readily apparent once you realize that this paragraph alone has 100 words. That’s a tenth of the entire story!

The world of flash fiction inevitably brought me to “twitterature” – #twitterfictionTwitter fiction is surprisingly complex, although this article does a relatively good job at effectively summarizing what a newcomer to the 140-character tale should know.

Quite a few of my #twitterfiction pieces involve the railroad.

I’ve posted some Twitter fiction to my Twitter over the last week to mostly positive results. My approach has been to crunch the central event or climax of the story down into a sentence or two. The imagination of the reader goes from there to create the beginning and ending of the story. I should note that this is not the universal approach to posting fictional writing on Twitter.


Writing Twitter fiction can be tedious. I find often that I’m just a few characters over the limit. That requires me to trim a letter or two (and occasionally an entire word), which is often a conflicting process.

My Twitter is @jojascully, but you can also see my work by simply searching Twitter for #twitterfiction. I’ve tried to post at least one Twitter fiction piece per day since August 9th. Searching Twitter for #twitterfiction will also allow you to view the work of other users. I usually write my Twitter fiction pieces while I’m at the gym or watching baseball. I stockpile the pieces as drafts and publish a few to Twitter each day. Generally speaking, my Twitter fiction tweets are not connected and each one stands alone. I’ve yet to try my hand at a “twovel” – a Twitter novel.

You’ll find examples of some of my #twitterfiction below. Please let me know if there is one that you especially appreciate.

The dunes seemed to roll toward the sun. As he wearily stretched an arm across the white sand, a raindrop struck his palm. #twitterfiction

When sparks fell from the bride’s eyes, the priest suddenly understood the need for this secret, nighttime ceremony. #twitterfiction

He twisted and kicked as long talons ripped into his back. Discovering a giant species of eagle had been a mixed blessing. #twitterfiction

A pepper quickly rolled across the counter. When a tomato sprouted arms and seized a fork, she decided not to make a salad. #twitterfiction

The crowd shrieked as he rounded third. These were not cheers. The catcher had convulsed into an unearthly creature. #twitterfiction

The #Tyrannosaurus ominously loomed over him. This was an unfortunate time for the buttons on his #TimeMachine to stick. #twitterfiction

As long as she kept skiing, she could stay just ahead of the abominable snowman. However, no slope went on forever. #twitterfiction

He was certain that he knew how to kill a #vampire. But a vampiric #cephalopod? Three hearts. He only had one stake. #twitterfiction

As he watched a railroad car roll across the ferry’s deck, he realized the urgency in his captain’s order to abandon ship. #twitterfiction

The beast straddled the tracks ahead of the locomotive. Deciding to take his chances in the forest, he leapt from the cab. #twitterfiction

He fell in the snow beside the poacher. Each man scrambled for the rifle. The mammoth trumpeted – the beast was still alive. #twitterfiction

She could swing the oar clumsily at best. She had no idea #merfolk were flesh-eating and never considered that possibility. #twitterfiction

Crouching, he steadied his rifle. He thought he could get off at least one shot before the #yeti was on him. He was wrong. #twitterfiction

Knee-deep in freezing water, he wanted to kick himself for suggesting an Antarctic cruise. So much for winning the #lottery. #twitterfiction

Although the police weren’t far behind, he was only a mile or so from #Mexico. Of course, a mile is a long way to swim. #twitterfiction

The clock struck midnight. The governor hurriedly picked up the phone. He had forgot to wind the timepiece today. #twitterfiction