“Astronaut Forays” (VSS X)

A set of very short fiction pieces that I originally wrote for Twitter.

A disoriented man walked into the railroad station in Havre. He studied the route map for a moment before approaching the counter.

“This is Montana?”


“I asked to be dropped off in Michigan.”

Solar radiation had taken a toll on Jimmy Hoffa. His skin peeled freely.

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“What Happened to the Dinosaurs (on Venus and Mars)”

The representatives of mankind shared uncertain glances.

The Celestial Creator appeared on Earth after eons of absence and asked about the knowledge of man.

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Ensnared in a Childhood Fear: “Floating over a Spider” and “Montanha do Aranha”

A couple of short stories about deadly spiders (some extraterrestrial and one the product of island gigantism) spinning doom.

When I was a child, I had an intense fear of spiders. My dread of those little eight-legged monsters has somewhat eased in my adulthood, but I continue to hesitate whenever I encounter an arachnid Continue reading “Ensnared in a Childhood Fear: “Floating over a Spider” and “Montanha do Aranha””

(Narrative) Floating over a Spider – (Music) Run

Fictional Pairings Magazine

By. Joshua Scully

The cable ladder twisted violently in a ripping burst of wind. Distracted by some distant irregularity not yet observed by the others, Zane Graham lost his precarious hold onto a rung some fifty-five kilometers above the Venusian surface. Falling backward, he yelped a panicked but indiscernible vocalization over his transmitter.

Graham fell for several meters before striking the support housing over the third habitation module with an audible resonance. He limply rolled off this metallic surface, becoming lost in the swirling atmospheric cream below the habitation.

Villavicencio and Hays, several rungs below from where Graham had fallen, desperately clung to the ladder. Both silently hoped that Graham was killed by his collision with the habitation. Otherwise, their friend would endure an agonizing plummet toward Venus. If he was alive, he would most likely survive the first few minutes of his fall before increasing heat and pressure simultaneously…

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