“Revolutionary Anachronisms”

I originally published this serial on Twitter a few years ago.
Test your knowledge of the War of Independence with these anachronistic retellings of American lore!

Benjamin Franklin set out with kite and key decades before the American Revolution and accidentally invented time travel.

Thus “Revolutionary Anachronisms“.

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“Unemployed Clowns”

The trouble with unemployed clowns is that some scurry through your backyard at night.
Or worse.

I really miss Seven By Twenty. The surprisingly lengthy archive of this former publisher of very short fiction is on Twitter (@7×20).

“Beyond the Call” (VSS XXVI)

A collection of short fiction from my Twitter account (@jojascully)

He stepped back slowly.

The dryer had been eating socks.

Now, the dog was missing and there was a collar in the lint trap.

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“I Warned You” (VSS XXV)

A collection of ominous short fiction from my Twitter account (@jojascully).

The mine shaft erupted in flames.

“Well, you found me,” Satan said pushing a drill out of the way. “Now, which way to the surface?”

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