“Barricades ‘R’ Us”


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“Double-barreled Treatment”

“Only five percent of those treated will experience the undesired transformation.”

After custodians had thoroughly cleaned the examination room, a new cohort of patients was ushered inside.

The doctor followed. He hurriedly explained the merits of inoculation.

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“Outbreak Along the Railroad”

Zombies of the Gilded Age!

The express arrived at a deserted depot.

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“Zombie Apocalypse According to Matthew”

I had several short fiction pieces published with Seven By Twenty (which is sadly now defunct). This may be my favorite of my submissions to that publication.

“Eager for Life”

When we want to live, we need to live.
We need each other.
Just not in the same ways.

As survivors struggled, few realized that mankind was on the cusp of extinction.

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“Zombie Apocalypse Improvisations”

Surviving however possible.

The railroad depot was ramshackle to say the least, but the building possessed some necessary provisions.

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“A New Kind of Lunar Colonist”

That escalated quickly.

The first cathedral on the Moon was constructed with great blocks of basalt.

The new colonists were pleased and gazed on Earth with wonder.

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