Ticket to Ride: North America (Day 1)

The draft for Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize is complete!

So, I wanted to expand our Ticket to Ride board game. I’m working on an extended map that will include Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Canada, and Alaska (most of North America).

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“The Roanoke Dead”

James White insisted those with him not attempt to locate the bones of Virginia Dare.

James White was dumbfounded. The remains of nearly one hundred people were scattered around the ruins of a ramshackle fortification.

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“Chillers Club”

Where imagination comes to life – for better or worse.

“I don’t think you understand the function of  Chillers Club,” the elderly doorman explained. “As an author, you are permitted entrance, but do you understand this place?”

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“Dead Corn”

He had a bad feeling where he may find those missing children.

The detective stood at the edge of the field. There was nothing to see except rows and rows of dead corn. A fine layer of snow had settled on the broken stalks.

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